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Top 10 Well-Being Startups - 2021

Despite the challenges caused by the COVID-19 pandemic and increasing economic uncertainty, 2020 still managed to produce thousands of startups. Today, the Fitness and Wellness Tech has over 9,400 startups that comprise companies that provide solutions that help consumers maintain their physical and mental wellbeing. This includes companies developing wearable devices like a fit bit, bright ring, and an app for calorie calculators. In addition, digital is transforming wellness, and it’s not just for early adopters, fitness buffs, or the wealthy — devices, apps, and more are democratizing it. From kids to retirees, factory workers to bankers, trauma patients to crypto-enthusiasts, this is a global phenomenon solving human needs for a better life.

With emerging technologies, up-and-coming startups are working on solutions for the healthcare sector. Today’s applications and technologies provide different tools for better sleeping and allow one to control and improve sleep hygiene (light, noise, the temperature in the room, late eating and drinking habits, etc.). Wellness startups invest in robotic devices that help to fall asleep faster, sleep better, and longer. An unexpected side effect of the tragedy of the Covid-19 pandemic is an unprecedented opportunity for innovation in mental health care, mainly due to the rapid expansion of telehealth and the increased demand for mental health services. Some startups are leveraging AI-based mobile apps with a holistic approach that aims to improve people’s psychological and physical well-being through meditation, yoga, and nutrition. There are solutions helping people deal with adversities, preserve soul & body, improve their lives and trigger change behaviors for better balance, harmony, and social good.

To assist businesses in finding accomplished wellbeing startups, we have compiled this issue of Startup City. The edition also blends thought leadership articles from subject matter experts, CIOs, and CXOs.

We bring you Startup City’s “Top 10 Wellbeing startups - 2021.”

Top 10 Well-Being Startups - 2021

    Top Well-Being Startups

  • Boon offers a holistic, personalized coaching platform that empowers employees to become more resilient, authentic versions of themselves. It has put together a network of ICF-accredited coaches and masters-level therapists trained and vetted by the firm’s Chief Clinical Officer. From professional development to personal growth, Boon’s 100% confidential program is designed to meet employees where they are, when they need it. Through this program, the firm strives to strengthen resilience and de-stigmatize the pursuit of mental well-being in the workplace. A Boon coach is always available for an employee to make positive changes in their workplace and lifestyle. Boon helps employers send a strong message of care and devotion to their employees

  • Modern Health is the comprehensive mental health and wellness platform that combines the WHO well-being assessment, self-service wellness kits, a global network of certified coaches, and licensed therapists available in 35 languages all available in a single app. Modern Health empowers employers to lead the charge in acknowledging that mental health is just as important as physical health, destigmatizing the conversation, and increasing accessibility of mental health services for all

  • RippleWorx is built on the ripple effect, helping companies understand their current scenario and deploy impactful, iterative, individualized development solutions to enhance overall engagement, performance, and growth. With past successes in Human Performance for the military, sports, and other “athletes,” they focus on the holistic well-being —the physical, emotional, and cognitive well-being. RippleWorx’s business intelligence software works through four distinct phases comprising of ‘discover,’ ‘enable,’ ‘impact’ and ‘succeed.’ All in all, they have been creating athlete-minded performance through their unique methodology of coaching effect, proven for increased productivity, profitability, and overall outcome, driving organizations ahead in the race

  • Wellview is a digital health and virtual care company, based in Nashville TN. Wellview works primarily with mid-market (500-10,000 employee lives) self-insured employers to engage employees in health resources resulting in improved clinical outcomes and reduced health costs. With data, Wellview builds a member’s Care Profile™ to drive one to one marketing communications resulting in 9x member engagement with fully integrated behavioral and clinical health resources and experts in the Wellview Care Team Network™. KPI’s include 10.2 percent healthcare cost reduction, >40 percent employee engagement, and 99 percent user satisfaction rates

  • Aduro


    Aduro is a Human Performance company, using people + data to improve lives for its corporate clients. The company is a thought leader in transformational learning and behavior change using its SaaS digital solutions. Aduro's holistic approach to all areas of life increases employee well-being

  • BurnAlong


    BurnAlong delivers personalized corporate wellness classes and social motivation to help employees achieve their health and wellness goals. BurnAlong understands that each employee is unique and as a result its programs are designed to meet the needs of every individual. In addition, getting started is hassle-free. The app doesn't require integration or technical setup. BurnAlong's classes span 45+ categories across physical, emotional, and financial wellness and include adaptive workouts, prenatal, cancer, chronic conditions, sleep, anxiety, and areas ignored by most platforms. There are 100 instructors across 45+ categories covering areas such as mindfulness, chronic conditions, prenatal, and kids development

  • LifeOmic


    LifeOmic is the software company that leverages the cloud, machine learning and mobile devices to offer disruptive solutions to healthcare providers, researchers, employers, health coaches, health IT companies and individuals. LifeOmic was founded in late 2016 by serial entrepreneurial Dr. Don Brown and several other key employees from Interactive Intelligence

  • Wellable


    Wellable is dedicated to helping organizations establish successful employee wellness programs that align with company culture, values, and business goals. Wellable delivers customizable, highly-engaging, employee wellness programs for employers to drive a culture of wellness, improve employee productivity, satisfaction, and retention. Wellable's wellness technology platform combines popular fitness trackers, mobile fitness apps, web tools, health content, and traditional wellness services, such as fitness classes, webinars, health coaching, to deliver robust, highly effective wellness programs

  • Wellness.Work


    Wellness.Work is a corporate wellness software that connects all aspects of its client's program in one online community. The company provides a platform necessary to not only make its client's life easier in running their program but also power a superior experience for its members

  • Wellzesta


    Wellzesta empowers individuals to thrive where they are is at the forefront of its business. By utilizing wellness data through a personalized digital experience, the company can improve quality of life and predict health outcomes. Offering senior adults and caregivers a platform with wellness at its core allows people to thrive where they are. The company's name, Wellzesta is a combination of two words: WELLness and ZEST for life